Using uplink services from one vendor and other services from another can cause significant administrative headaches that is why at PLAY we have created fully functional and distinct units of our business, they are unique profit centres which focuses on product offering and different market segment of our business.

Through these services we are able to offer more value to our customers and also meet the distinct needs of our target audience by supplying services that are valued by those specific user.

These services typically have a discrete marketing plan, analysis of competition, and marketing campaign, even though they are part of the larger business entity.

We approach each client individually and customize their needs and desires.


When a client is ready to launch a TV channel, we’ll make it quick, simple and secure.

Our tailored and scalable Playout and media management services include high-level resiliency, intelligent monitoring and mission critical back-up.

Our high-tech Playout Centre includes state-of-the-art technology allowing clients to:

Ingest and store media
Provide HD/SD fully managed playout, plus remote playout
Deliver advert insertion
Move, track, manage and report on your media assets
Co-located facilities

Our multi-channel facility can ingest around 7,000 hours of new content every month. This means we’ve got the capacity to support our client channel growth objectives.

We’re committed to providing broadcast-critical infrastructure to keep channels on air, this includes robust pro-active monitoring systems, diverse power supply with generator back-up, all further protected by a fire suppression system and UPS for all equipment racks.

With the uplink facility we have in place as well as fly-away uplinks, IP uplinks, teleport services and satellite capacity we can provide everything you might need in terms of satellite facilities.

PLAY continually invests in the latest technology for platforms to ensure that the services we provide are at the cutting edge of broadcast quality and stability – providing everything you might need in terms of satellite uplink facilities.

Backed by our highly experienced and friendly technical crew, event management team and technical support personnel you can trust us to deliver.

Our ability to provide you with both playout and distribution services ensures that you benefit from end-to-end consistency, a single point of contact and a commercially compelling proposition. What’s more, our innovative and flexible systems allow you to build workflows faster and launch channels quicker than your competition. Those are valuable advantages and Smart solutions keeping you at the cutting edge in a highly competitive market.

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