Play TV studio
Play TV studios


Play Studios specializes in live production, providing studio space, galleries, uplink facilities, staff and everything required for producing and transmitting live content. Complete production and post-production of commercials, TV formats, events, sports events, and films.

Play Studios currently has five studios at its Lagos location.

No matter what type of production the client is creating, Play Studios provides audio and video recording with all required monitoring technology at an affordable fee.

Play Studios is positioned to become one of the major operating Studios in Lagos, with over 5 different Studios in the Play facility, Play Studios have an enviable experience of providing the finest production services from development through post-production.

Play Studios is an international leader in the production of film and TV entertainment. We are willing to engineer partnerships with projects large and small in a ceaseless effort to create celebrated movies, television shows, and commercials.

Play Studios is an industry leader where quality shows are continually produced and home to countless famous television and motion picture productions, various music videos all the studios are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of our entire clientele.

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