fashion box
Sunday 24th March.:HOMME at 12 p.m

Fashionbox is a  fashion lifestyle channel that covers the world’s top designers. hottest brands and shopping trends.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Irawo Owuro at 8 am

Irawo Owuro is a breakfast show that focuses on lifestyle and rich culture of the yoruba people. The show also enlightens the viewers on the advantage of skill acquisition, comprises of three segments; Lifestyle, Culture and Skill Development.

Saturdays and Thursdays: Sinima Maruun Mi at 7 pm

Sinima Marun Mi is a show that features popular Yoruba movie stars who take us through their top 5 Yoruba movies of all times, while shedding light on their choices.

1music on Play tv
Daily: 1Music Inspiration at 6 am

Wake up to our selection of the most inspirational and motivational songs that will give you a boost throughout your day

Thursdays: 1Music Throwback at 3 pm

A selection of oldies and classic musicals showcasing the good old days.

Daily: Coftea at 9 am

Early rise and kickstart your day with Amazing songs that would set the ball rolling as you take charge of your day.

Daily: Local Vibes at 8 pm

Indigenous and feel good music to spice up your day

Weekdays: YOUR VIEW at 9 am

A panel of passionate women led by Morayo Afolabi – Brown shares their view and opinions on various issues in the news.

Saturdays and Sundays: THE PLATFORM at 9 am

Veteran journalist and celebrated columnist, Sam Omatseye hosts the flagship political programme that provides platform for commentaries on National Issue.

Saturday 24th  March .:Above and beyond(Win)

Two Cop partners, who are also best friends attend a domestic disturbance, only for one to accidentally critically wound the other.

Monday 18th,March .:Dominion Creek 01002

The story of the Connolly Brothers, three Irish emigrants who travel from Montana to Yukon during the Klondike gold rush of the 1890s in the hope of striking it Rich

Sunday 17th Mar:The Immigrant at 8:35 pm

A bitter- sweet love story with an immigration thread based on Chaplin’s personal experience, the film tells a story of two young people who travel to America in search for a better life. soon they realize that life of a new comer is not easy and this isn’t the promised land they expected.

Sunday 18th March .: Journey to italy 9:00 pm

A dramatic and unusual love story about an unhappy couple facing      the collapse of their marriage while on a trip[ to Naples. Italy to see Burton(lestin daniels) about settling a family estate there. Roberto Rossini’s third feature starring Ingrid Bergman (his wife at the tame). Voyage to italy became a cornerstone of the art films of the 1960s and beyond.

Saturday 16th Mar.:Siesta Boxing-Battle of  Bracknel at 10:25 pm

Siesta Boxing are proudly presenting Battle of  Bracknell. an international professional boxing fight night featuring champions from all over the world.

fast & fun box
Friday  15th March.:Autospeed at 8p.m

AutoSpeed is all action, all style and all news. weekly Grand prix update,race previews and feature stories. Action from the world of international racing and rallying. New car releases from the world’s prestige motor shows and the future of motoring are all covered.

Docubox on Play Tv
Saturday 22nd Mar.: Wonders of the world at 3 p.m

In this episode Claudio travels to the north of chile to cross the Peruvian border and dives in the pre columbian history and culture, he reaches the city of Gold, Mach Picchu. His tour starts in Tacna, crosses cuzco and ends in Augua Calientes, where the steep climb begins leading to the thousands year old Inca City.

Friday 22nd Feb.:Gbajumo at 6:30 pm

Yoruba discussions on celebrities past and present projects and their achievements,hosted by Doyin kukoyi.

360 tune box
Weekdays: ARTIST BREAKOUT at 11 am

A selection of popular music hit playlist, less rock, less indie, less electro

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