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Agbara Nla every Saturday at 6:30pm

The forces of darkness are set to battle and kill a man sent to preach in a community. Will darkness prevail? Or will the light of God put the devil to shame in Agbara Nla.

29th: Aboyun Okunrin at 7:00pm

A man battles with his parents’ refusal over his decision to abort a mysterious pregnancy. They are set to fight the evil in their son’s life to the finish.

2nd: Zuciyar Zaki at 9:00pm

A grieving man vows to avenge his brother’s untimely death at all costs. What will be the consequences of his actions in this thrilling drama.

Andante every Wednesday at 7:20pm

A city-bred high school student Sigyeong transfers to a school in the countryside. As he overcomes unfamiliar and terrifying experiences, he realizes the true meaning of life and love.

My Golden Life every Wednesday at 12:50pm

A woman has a chance to climb up in social status, but ends up falling in a bottomless pit instead. However, she decides to find happiness wherever she is.

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Cynosure on Fridays by 2:00pm

Exciting music segment dedicated to a specific prominent artiste.

Fridays at 2:00pm and 8:00pm. Repeat on Tuesdays at 3:00pm and 6:00pm.

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9th: Bloodlines at 10:30pm

Colin murdered his wife, destroying all evidence that might lead to him. Will his actions remain hidden forever after all his efforts?

18th: Snowbound at 09:00pm

Two guys became fast friends and are currently on the run, trying to escape an ex-lover who is determined to rip them off.

 30th: Living in Fear at 9:00pm

Chuck and his wife return to an old town for the reading of his father’s will. It soon becomes clear that his hometown is brimming with old enemies, many of whom believe that Chuck’s father (a priest) cheated them out of $250,000 worth of investments.

14th: Bicycle Thief at 9:10pm

A man and his son search for a stolen bicycle vital for his job. They are ready to fight the criminal to get it back.

15th: Stones at 08:25pm

Men working in quarry are visited by the foreman’s wife. She soon finds out that the man she loves is capable of murder.

Aago Iboji every Sunday at 7:30pm

A preacher experiences serious challenges despite his dedication to helping the people around him.

Wake up Nigeria at Weekdays 7am – 9am

Breakfast Show every weekday with various segments including cooking, music etc.

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29th: Underwater, Down to Earth at 10:00pm

Discover an unknown and splendid world: the subaquatic world of the Rhine and its tributaries.

 Football Heroes every weekday at 4:05pm

Devoted to star players of the world in football both the great legends and beginners in the game.

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