fashion box
Thursday 15th April .:City Chic London 5pm

Fashionbox is a  fashion lifestyle channel that covers the world’s top designers. hottest brands and shopping trends.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Irawo Owuro at 8 am

Irawo Owuro is a breakfast show that focuses on lifestyle and rich culture of the yoruba people. The show also enlightens the viewers on the advantage of skill acquisition, comprises of three segments; Lifestyle, Culture and Skill Development.

Saturdays and Thursdays: Sinima Maruun Mi at 7 pm

Sinima Marun Mi is a show that features popular Yoruba movie stars who take us through their top 5 Yoruba movies of all times, while shedding light on their choices.

1music on Play tv
Daily: 1Music Inspiration at 6 am

Wake up to our selection of the most inspirational and motivational songs that will give you a boost throughout your day

Thursdays: 1Music Throwback at 3 pm

A selection of oldies and classic musicals showcasing the good old days.

Daily: Coftea at 9 am

Early rise and kickstart your day with Amazing songs that would set the ball rolling as you take charge of your day.

Daily: Local Vibes at 8 pm

Indigenous and feel good music to spice up your day

Weekdays: YOUR VIEW at 9 am

A panel of passionate women led by Morayo Afolabi – Brown shares their view and opinions on various issues in the news.

Saturdays and Sundays: THE PLATFORM at 9 am

Veteran journalist and celebrated columnist, Sam Omatseye hosts the flagship political programme that provides platform for commentaries on National Issue.

Thursday 18th April .:Christmas Kiss 5:05  pm

High and interior designer priscilla Hall and her assistant wendy vie for the attentions of Priscilla’s socialite boyfriend while decorating his home for the holidays.

Wednesday  17th ,April .Andrei Rublev at 5:30 pm

Elijah Kane, an ex-special forces operative and martial  arts expert,is part of an undercover police team that carry out an often brutal style of law enforcement onthe streets, similar to what Casey Rayback does on a boat.

Monday  15th April.: The Earth trembles at 9pm

In rural Sicity the fishermen live at the mercy of the greedy wholesalers, One family risks everything to buy their own boat and operate independently.

Wednesday 17th April .:Bollywood Beats 3:10pm

Raj is a down-on-his-luck dancer who is fighting to hold his life together. After starting up a dance class, he finds new hope with his students but soon must choose between the,and a chance.

Saturday 13th April.:Fightbox King of Kings MMA,Bushido Rigo latvia at 6pm

King of Kings, the top European ki8cknboxing federation as the fight box Hero’s Series. Showcasing the world’s best kick boxers and MMA fighters. Altogether there will be KOK RUKES FIGHTS (kickboxing) bouts under MMA Bushido rules.

fast & fun box
Saturday 13th April.:GP Racing On Track 2017 at 1 pm

T he glamour,drama.  intigue and technology-Gp racing on Track explores all of this and more from the world of formula one.

Docubox on Play Tv
Saturday 13th April .:MALICE OR MUTINITY at 2 pm

The Conflict struggles and adventures that took place on a remote beach in 1942 have ben called Australia’s only mutiny for 400 years.

360 tune box
Weekdays: ARTIST BREAKOUT at 11 am

A selection of popular music hit playlist, less rock, less indie, less electro

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