fashion box
Wed. 7th, Nov: WOMEN OF FASHION at 8 pm

Women of Fashion 18/19 includes an immense variety of
shows, each extremely unique and mesmerizing. Sit back and
relax through a few episodes of one of our longest, fullest,
and most entertaining collections yet! We can guarantee you
won’t be disappointed.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Irawo Owuro at 8 am

Irawo Owuro is a breakfast show that focuses on lifestyle and rich culture of the yoruba people. The show also enlightens the viewers on the advantage of skill acquisition, comprises of three segments; Lifestyle, Culture and Skill Development.

Saturdays and Thursdays: Sinima Maruun Mi at 7 pm

Sinima Marun Mi is a show that features popular Yoruba movie stars who take us through their top 5 Yoruba movies of all times, while shedding light on their choices.

1music on Play tv
Daily: 1Music Inspiration at 6 am

Wake up to our selection of the most inspirational and motivational songs that will give you a boost throughout your day

Thursdays: 1Music Throwback at 3 pm

A selection of oldies and classic musicals showcasing the good old days.

Daily: Coftea at 9 am

Early rise and kickstart your day with Amazing songs that would set the ball rolling as you take charge of your day.

Daily: Local Vibes at 8 pm

Indigenous and feel good music to spice up your day

Weekdays: YOUR VIEW at 9 am

A panel of passionate women led by Morayo Afolabi – Brown shares their view and opinions on various issues in the news.

Saturdays and Sundays: THE PLATFORM at 9 am

Veteran journalist and celebrated columnist, Sam Omatseye hosts the flagship political programme that provides platform for commentaries on National Issue.

Sun. Nov 4: Gashin Kuma at 9:44 pm

The wicked deed of the selected few in the society is to kidnap human beings and use them for rituals. What will be the end of these people who engage in this act?

Sun. Nov 4th: Rudani at 3:32 pm

Kamal, a brave and God fearing person will never let go of any challenges that come his way. He stood to challenge a great warrior in the city of the Fulanis.

Thursdays & Fridays: The Ghost Detective at 5:00pm

In this horror thriller drama, a detective who catches ghosts and his passionate assistant run into a mysterious woman and gets involved in a bizarre incident

Mondays – Fridays: Sunny Again Tomorrow at 12:40am

A high school graduate with minimum qualifications tries to reset life with dogged perseverance by founding a fashion company and turning into a CEO

FilmBox Africa on PLAY
Sat 17th, Nov: THE HEAVY at 8 pm

Sibling rivalry turned into betrayal between two brothers.
One is a henchman (Gary Stretch) for a successful yet
shady businessman (Stephen Rea), the other is a prime
candidate for Prime Minister (Adrian Paul). Presented
with an opportunity to take a long considered revenge
against his estranged family (Christopher Lee, Jean
Marsh), while being hunted by a psychotic police
detective (Vinnie Jones) our conflicted antihero must
come to terms with the truth in a world where you can
trust no one and loyalty is rare.

Mon. 19th, Nov.: DOMINION CREEK at 8 pm

The story of the Connolly Brothers; three Irish emigrants who
travel from Montana to the Yukon during the Klondike gold
rush of the 1890’s in the hope of striking it rich.

Mon. 12th, Nov: DI MADRE IN FIGLIA at 9 pm

Four soldiers trapped behind enemy lines must confront their
fears and desires.

Mon. 19th, Nov: THE SOUTHERNER at 9 pm

Sam Tucker, a cotton picker, in search of a better future
for his family, decides to grow his own cotton crop. In
the first year, the Tuckers battle disease, a flood, and a
jealous neighbor. Can they make it as farmers?

 Sat. 17th, Nov:LIVE  KOK’41 HERO’S SERIES

King of Kings, one of the most recognizable brands in the
world of kickboxing, returns to live action on FightBox
HD. KOK brings the most dedicated fans to the biggest
arenas in the world to create an amazing spectacle.

ROMANIA at 9 pm

An exceptional show of sound and lights, kickboxing and
MMA gala, in which we will have fighters from Romania
and beyond. A gala where heroes of martial arts from
Romania will meet some of the strongest opponents.

fast & fun box

Halfway through a hot, dry summer, the slightest spark sets
off fires. The Mediterranean area is always under threat
from fires but this summer has been particularly hard.

Docubox on Play Tv
Thur 15th, Nov: THE MIND OF PLANTS  at 7 pm

Over the recent years, a small but growing group of
researchers from Austria, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan,
South Africa and the USA, has developed a new scientific
field of research: the neurobiology of plants. Their
discoveries question the traditional boundaries set
between the animal and the vegetable kingdom: plants
are capable to develop the cognitive process claimed by
humans and animals. If plants can move, and feel… Could
they possibly think?

Sun. 4th Nov: Sisi Eko at 7:05 pm

Cletus village beauty went to the city to attend the university and turned into a city beauty, thus attracting the attention of big city boys, a very dangerous situation for the village men back home.

 Thur. 1st Nov: Grave of Darkness at 8:42 pm

A great minister of the gospel sees his end in a dream, he is given the grace to amend his ways before God

Weekdays: Kookoorookoo at 7: 00 am

Breakfast live show hosted by Veronica, Slimeytee, Olododo, and Eric, where we have all our skits, newspaper review and an interactive segment with the viewers.

360 tune box
Weekdays: ARTIST BREAKOUT at 11 am

A selection of popular music hit playlist, less rock, less indie, less electro

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